The Oxford-China Summer Program is a 12 days residential camp that takes place in Chengdu, China. The camp attracts both local and overseas students and provides an opportunity to learn from leading British academics in the serene setting of an emerging China.

Chengdu is one of China’s largest cities and the provincial capital of Sichuan region. It is home to giant pandas, a renowned centre for traditional Sichuanese opera and is famous for its delicious local cuisine.

The program will be hosted at Chengdu Royal Foreign Language School; a leading boarding school in Chengdu, where students are educated within the 75 acres of beautiful grounds.

Alongside such an enviable location, the school prides itself on exceptional academic achievement, genuine pastoral care and state of the art facilities. These include bright modern classrooms as well as tailored rooms for science, art, music, and design.

At OCSC 2020, a team of Oxford tutors shall fly to China to deliver the program. This includes five key subjects, including Business Studies, Leadership, English Language and Debates, Engineering and Mathematics, and World History. An optional module on Chinese culture is also offered to international students to familiarise them with Chinese culture, history and language. The program also includes a range of co-curricular activities.


At OCSC, students get an opportunity to participate in a range of extracurricular and sports activities such as drama classes, dance classes, floorball, flag football, and kung fu etc. For all participants of the programme, the day starts with a kung fu class and ends with different games followed by a hearty Szechuan meal.

Some of the cultural tours planned for all our students include tour of Chengdu town center and nearby landmarks, day trip to Panda base, trip to Dujiangyan Irrigation project, trip to the Museum of Sichuan Cuisine and cultural discovery.

Course Coordinators for OCSC


Age Group: 10 – 18 years old.
Key Dates: 20th of July to 30th of July 2020
Fee: GBP 1,999/-