Our Oxford – Cambridge Summer Camp provides students with a unique opportunity to get exposure from world’s two leading centres of learning – University of Oxford and University of Cambridge. Apart from exploring the historic towns of Oxford and Cambridge, students will be able to draw parallels between the world’s finest communities of scholars and researchers. Students will have access to outstanding academics, intellectuals and admission counsellors from both the institutions. Our world class faculty will nurture young minds and help them unlock their potential. Over the last decade, hundreds of students derived an enriching and rewarding experience from our challenging and exciting summer programmes. They have successfully used our programme as a foundation for launching their academic and professional careers. Both the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge have produced a long list of world leaders, scientists, writers, philosophers and artists over the course of the centuries. Collectively, these two Universities have 70 affiliated colleges, have produced 43 British Prime Ministers, 176 Noble Laurates and have published thousands of research papers leading to developments in science, technology, law and social sciences. Many of today’s physical and social laws are founded upon the struggles and hardships of Oxbridge alumni. We aim to utilize these international centres of academic excellence and innovation to help you develop a solid knowledge base and a robust skillset to excel in the world at large. Critical thinking, logical articulation and leadership are a few attributes of our graduates. Our programme is designed to cater to the unique needs of our students. We ensure that each student receives personalized attention, in terms of course materials, counselling and participation in a range of co-curricular activities. Moreover, our students gather firsthand experience of academic, social and cultural life at Oxford and Cambridge, which is an exclusive aspect of our Oxbridge Summer Programme. Unlike any other summer programme, they will spend one week at each university. Students will spend the first week at Balliol College, which is one of the largest colleges of the University of Oxford. The second week of the programme is set to take place at Hughes Hall of Cambridge University.

About Cambridge University

University of Cambridge is one of the world’s most renowned and oldest centres of learning. The university was founded in 1209. Over the course of centuries, it has evolved to become a public research university with 31 affiliated colleges. The University of Cambridge has outstanding departments of sciences and humanities. It offers a diverse range of courses from different disciplines at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Cambridge has produced influential thinkers such as Charles Darwin, Newton, John Milton and Bertrand Russell.


The participants will spend their second week in the historic accommodation of Hughes Hall at Cambridge. Like the first week of the program, they will also be assigned their own serviced rooms on gender segregated floors. The rooms will have the facilities of bed linen, study table and chair and a wardrobe. Deans and staff members will also be available here for students at all times. The students will get a glimpse of Cambridge lifestyle by using the same facilities and resources available to undergraduates and graduates of Cambridge University.


Students will be able to interact one on one with tutors and attend lectures from eminent scholars at University of Oxford and University of Cambridge (OXBRIDGE). Our students get a flavor of academic environments in multiple top universities in the UK. Our programme includes activities and excursions to some of the most exciting and important sites in Oxford, Cambridge and London for an all-encompassing OXBRIDGE experience. Our team will show you parts of Oxford and Cambridge which are hidden from plain view.


Age Group: 12 – 19+ years old.
Key Dates: 2nd August to 14th August 2020
Fee: 3,999 GBP (this includes Tuition, Accommodation, Food, Co-curricular Activities and Learning Materials – the fee does not include travel to and from the UK).